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 Leveling Places

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PostSubject: Leveling Places   Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:44 pm

Izaru/AeriaGames DOMO Forum
Quote :
10-12 - Globby Globs (yellow ones) in the Well.
12-14 - Zombies in the Town hall basement (hidden passage, you unlock it by doing the next Story quest after the well chain).
14-17 - Greedy Rats, Inn Basement (you unlock it by doing Mysterious Elder quests) don't forget to get the guardian's repeatable quest so you get extra exp and rewards.
17-20 - Toxic Tiger Moths in Placid Plains (around the north west entrance), you can get Raymond's repeatable quest (the first one on the list) to get extra exp and rewards.
20-23 - Pearly Frogs in Canute Canal (Eversun South).
23-24 - Chestbeaters in Canute Canal (Eversun South) Make sure to have a doctor in party, or doctor subskills for these.
24-26 - Bonkers Bow-Wow Bums (aka Spotted Dogs), around the South East exit in Placid Plains. If you find these hard, there's several spots around where only 2-3 spawn at any time
26-28 - Holy Kuku Eggs in GiantWood Forest (around X:300 Y:400), monsters start to hurt at this level, playing in group is recommended.
28-30 - Forest Lady Bugs in GiantWood forest, not far from the Holy Kuku Eggs. You can also try Neptune Temple in Swan Lake Basin but you'll need a party.
30-32 - Neptune Temple, King Globs should do (you will need a Doctor though).
32-36 - Bandit Thugs inside Grizzly Garrison (Copperhorn Mountain), you'll need a party.

raylite/AeriaGames DOMO Forum
Quote :
Solo Build/Pvp build
Lvl 10~13: Yellow Globs at well
Lvl 13-16: Gross globs at town basement
Lvl 16~20: Toxic tiger moths at placid plain/Copperhorn mountain
Lvl 20~22: Pearly frogs at canute canal (using lvl 20 dagger)
Lvl 22~25: Dogs/Hoho Bamboo at placid plain (be careful)
Lvl 25~27: Holy Kuku eggs/Foxes at Giantwood forest
Lvl 27~30: Holy kuku males @ Grassgreen sq/ Red Globs @ neptune tower ( Use earth dagger)

Aoe Build
Lvl 10~13: Aoe party @ green globs @ well
Lvl 13~16: Solo Gross globs @ town basement
Lvl 16~18: Aoe party @ inn basement, Giant rats n Pupu Pres Corpse
Lvl 18~23: Aoe party @ inn basement, Caskmasters/Toxic chests
Lvl 23~27: Aoe party @ Phoenix Tower, Male birds of paradise
Lvl 27~30: Aoe party @ Neptune Tower, Red globs
Lvl 30~35: Aoe party @ Neptune Tower, Man-eating Zombies

desertrose52/AeriaGames DOMO Forum
Quote :
Gosh, training areas. There's a couple ways to do this, but I'll give you the path I took. Remember, there are many different ways for different players.

For me, I did as many quest as I could until I reached level 10. Doesn't take long, trust me.

Once I hit level 10, i used the "job coupon" that i got from the DOJO, and got a free lvl 10 equip set for my job.

I did the quest to get in the well, and trained on Globby Globs until level 13. These are great to train on as a doctor. Why?

High HP monsters (lots of EXP), low damage hitters and they don't mob as much. You'll be leveling every 20-30minutes off these until level 13.

From 13, find a friend/party, and complete the quest to get into the INN Basment or have a friend who can and have him take you and the party down there. Level 16 rats are great to train on, but they can be crowded.

I remember when i was 16, i went to cask master. They are deeper in the INN basement, and I went from lvl 16 to 22 with a awesome party down there. Cask masters are wonderful exp, and you definitely want a musician and a tank.

I did some training with my lover until 24, and then i made another party for Neptune Temple. The mobs here are lvl 29, and they give good exp. They hit much harder, so it was hard trying to support a party with just myself, but after awhile, it gets easier.

I only reached lvl 26 before CB ended, so I can't really give any more tips.


The fastest way to level is to find a AoE party with dancers (i'm not sure if dancers will be implement. If not, find some AoE mercs/thiefs/martial artist) and go mob up some monsters.


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Leveling Places
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