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 Get To Know Us...

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Princess Sandii
Sardonic Monarchy
Sardonic Monarchy

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Quote : Can I Chew Your Face o_o?
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PostSubject: Get To Know Us...   Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:49 pm

'Elo Everyone And Welcome To The Sardonic Empire.

We, The Monarch, hope you are enjoying the forums so far. If any problems feel
free to bring them up to one of the Administrators or Moderators via PM.

In this little Section we wish to introduce to you our staff members:

Basically The Administartors

Main In-Game Name: Merumeru
Attitude: Whatever floats your boat, just dont get on my nerves >/.
Role: Problem Solver.
Quote: "XD"
Promise: To keep things fair and orderly, or else...
About Me: None of your damn business.
Links: None

Prince Vern
Main In-Game Name:
About Me:

Princess Sandii
Main In-Game Name: Yume-Sama
Attitude: Complete Wierdo
Role: Graphics/Miscellaneous
Quote: "Nyoro @3@~"
Promise: Attempt to help without killing someone.
About Me: I don't play every hour of the day, everyday of the week. But I do my best when I do and I'm willing to help those who ask. Other than the forums, and a couple of online games, I like to work on my cartoons and comic books and listen to music. Surfing the internet for inspiration and hanging out with friends while we make fools of ourself, ah these are the years. Otherwise I'm online 24/7 just depends on if I'm out with friends, work, or at home. Don't be afraid to send an IM if need be or for just a 'Hello'.
Links: Myspace | Facebook | DeviantArt | LiveJournal

Those Who Will Help Keep This Place Nice


"Thanks For Dropping By~..."

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Ground-walking Peon
Ground-walking Peon

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PostSubject: Re: Get To Know Us...   Wed Jan 23, 2008 7:48 pm

Meru and her "XD's" *shakes his head*
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Get To Know Us...
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