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Sardonic Monarchy

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PostSubject: Raffles   Sun Jan 20, 2008 11:23 pm

As soon as we get more members we will hold small raffles where you can win small gifts
that can range from a couple of MP/HP potions, to free armor and the money given for the raffle.

Rules And Guidelines:
-The raffles will be held every two weeks. Tickest will stop selling on [Friday] evening. The winner will be drawn on [Saturday]. And tickets will start selling on [Sunday]. We will announce on here when the raffle will begin, last day to purchase, and whom the winner is along with their prize.
-Raffles will be sold for 300 Gold each. You can buy up to 5 tickets per person, NOT per character.
-You can post on here if you wish to purchase tickets, or whisper one of the Admins. or Mods. if online.
-We will keep track by the post withing those two weeks. If purchased through whisper within the game we will make a post for you with your username, tickets purchased, and if you payed.
-Gold must be given before you get a ticket. No IOUs, or half now half later. The right amount of gold for the right amount of tickets, No exceptions.

Raffle Event 1
Tickets On Sale On-
Tickets End Sale On-


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