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 For all new members: Our name and purpose

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Sardonic Monarchy
Sardonic Monarchy

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PostSubject: For all new members: Our name and purpose   Sun Feb 17, 2008 6:06 pm

XD well ill explain our name first:


We are the kings, princes, queens, princesses of dark humor, narcissism and sarcasm XD now some of you may not agree with it, thats fine, and if you find the name too offending to carry, i wont be upset if you dont want to be a part of us XD but trust me, it does NOT mean we are mean to people

secondly, to all whove joined the forums, thank you SO much XD well try to pretty up this place as much as possible, but you joining alone is a big step ^^ weve also made a userbar that you can place in your signature in THIS forum or any other forums, including the official Aeria ones, and you are more than free to link back here to anyone X3

thats all for now XD hopefully we can get an event going next weekend, since we have a fair amount of members now, until then!

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For all new members: Our name and purpose
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